Alex P. Burlutsky

Hi! My name is Aleksei Burlutskii (or Alex.P.Burlutsky a.k.a 107).

Welcome to my personal blog, where I share some useful short notes about my work. Hope it will help someone.

I’m working on high-load, high-availability Linux-based web services since 2005. I’m providing support for companies which developing and maintaining IT products. Together we can get high quality, very secure solutions by using native Linux virtualization technologies like KVM, qemu, Proxmox VE, OpenVZ, LXC or modern Docker and Kubernetes. And reduce the final project cost as bonus.

For web-based services I prefer to use Tomcat, Apache httpd, PHP-fpm, Jetty as backend, Nginx, HAproxy as frontend and PostgreSQL or MySQL (with Galera/Precona XtraDB) as RDBMS. All with clustering or load-balancing configuration.

As DevOps for a full cycle software development I’m usually adhered to Agile-based methods such as Scrum and Continuous Integration (CI) tools: version control systems (SVN, GIT), automatic building and deploying (Maven, Ant, Jenkins), testing (JUnit, Selenium) and bug-tracking (Trac, Mantis, Redmine).

Other network services usually based on Postfix, Dovecot (mail), ejabberd (chat), iptables, iproute, TC (traffic), LDAP (users), NagiosZabbix (monitoring), etc.

I have also experience in work with server hardware in Tier-III Data Center (Fujitsu-Siemens, EMC / Dell, IBM, APC, SuperMicro, Mikrotik).

I love power of unix shell, bash and perl scripting. My favorite Linux distros are: Gentoo, Debian / Ubuntu, CentOS, LFS, CLFS (for embedded Linux).

I’m a founder of local Linux User Group community in our town. You can find it at belgorod.lug.ru (Russian Language only).

upworkI’m available for communications via email: [email protected]. You can also find me on Upwork, so we can work together with you!
Thank you and good luck!